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How to Work From Home and Still Be Stylish in 2021

We’ve finally made it to 2021, good riddens 2020! With the new year comes new styles and trends to follow with the new work lifestyle we have.

It’s pretty clear that smart casual is here to stay. While COVID-19 forced many of us to work from home, it also challenged us to think about the new work culture and lifestyle that is working from home and how we can stay looking good with minimal effort. And well, we’re all about that.

Here are our hot tips for styling yourself when working from home in 2021.

Start the week with your most formal look 

The beginning of the week is usually our most important and busiest, why?

It's usually when you go through your weekend emails and organise meetings for the rest of the week and respond to any enquiries you have received. So why not start the week with an appropriate outfit?

The new business look (see images below), matches the modern Monday attitude. So get your gear into action by shopping our look below. Spend the morning with the blazer off and once the meetings start, throw it on. The new business look is here to stay after the very casual 2020 look that most of us resulted from working out of the office.

Our recommendation: Plain White Crew Neck T-Shirt, nice pair of chinos and a blazer.

Coretual Clothing Plain White Crew Neck T-Shirt with Blazer

Plain White Crew Neck T-Shirt with Chinos

Similar shades in one outfit; brown shoes, beige chinos and a green blazer. A striking outfit for Monday.

Tuesday – The day to remember all the things you didn’t get done on Monday.

The leftover tasks of Monday often drift into our Tuesday, so we still require a bit of formality in case we have those formal business meetings. But how do we dress Tuesday’s outfit?

Instead of the more formal Crew Neck, we opt in our Tuesday look with a V-Neck instead. The minimalistic design of our V-Neck t-shirts makes it a tad more casual then the classic crew. See how we paired our Grey V Neck below.

Our recommendation: Grey V Neck with, navy chinos and a blue blazer.

The formality of your navy trousers, matched with the subtleness of your v neck shirt makes this the perfect option when you are in and out of meetings.

Coretual Clothing Grey V-Neck with, navy chinos and a blue blazer

The Middle of the Week 

Weekend is in sight, it is close but you struggle to decide what to wear on a Wednesday. You have finished the most important meetings of the week and you are not in tune to wear your formal outfit or dress up for work. You require something minimalistic and easy to walk out the house with.

So we prepared you the ‘lazy day outfit,’ it’s the middle of the week. You slip on a white v neck t-shirt, a very casual vibe, slip on some jeans and then sensationally tie in your outfit with white sneakers.

If the weather is a  bit chilly outside, throw a casual printed dress shirt on top and you are ready to roll through the lazy day. The overshirt is a bit too casual for your workplace? Bring a beige blazer instead.

Our recommendation: Light pair of denim, White V neck t-shirt and a casual overshirt, white sneakers.

Denim, white sneakers what other comfort could you ask for at work? I mean tracksuits would be nice, but they might have to wait a while...

Coretual Clothing light pair of denim, White V neck t-shirt and a casual overshirt, white sneakers 



Almost to the end of the week and some of us might have a drink or so at a bar before going home, so it's time to get a sexy outfit on.

A dark outfit, to suit the night time a regular fitting in the jeans matched with the slim fitting of the t-shirts makes the outfit a sensational look for any pub, club or restaurant.

If you need to make it a tad more formal throw on a unique jacket or blazer to tie it all together. This is the time to bring out the crazy colours and funkiness.

Our recommendation: Black V Neck, dark denim looks and black shoes.

Black, it’s a fun colour - simplistic to wear and goes with almost everything. So give this outfit a go and let us know what you think.

Henry Ford once said ‘You can have any colour you want as long as it’s black.’

Coretual Clothing Black V Neck, dark denim looks and black shoes

The End of The Week

Wohoo! The most of us have reached the end of the working week and need an outfit to finish off strong.

Time to go all out, it’s a Friday night and many of us have plans; dinner, parties and events so why not go to work and go out in the one outfit.

This all-in-one outfit saves us time going in between work and our after work events, a minimalistic look is what we need. Black and white are usually seen as the most formal colours, think your tuxedo looks. But we have found a way to keep those colour tones but dress down the outfit.

Our recommendation: The black crew neck t-shirt, white slim fitted chinos and a white overshirt. WOW! 

Slip it all together with white sneakers and you are ready, if the sneakers are too casual we recommend to change them for a pair of black lace ups.


The weekend is here! Most of us have finished work for the week and can enjoy a relaxing Saturday to ourselves. How do we dress well on our days off?

Try a stone pair of chinos or shorts, a t-shirt of any style and you are ready to go. If a cool breeze is around a nice touch is to slip a linen dress shirt on top.

Stone pants are the most versatile colour there is, no holding back with the t-shirt colours too! You can almost wear every colour with these shorts, see our male model wearing a navy crew neck.

Coretual Clothing Summer Look

The Extra Edition


As a lot of businesses start to roll in working from home balanced with a few days in the office. How do we maintain a sharp level of dress code for when we have those zoom meetings?

You have a zoom meeting? What do you do? Slip into the smart casual crew neck t-shirt, and chuck a blazer on.  The trousers concerning you? Try a pair of shorts on for the comfort and enjoy that meeting.

2020 has been a huge leap in menswear, with a lot of us continuously working from home and the more relaxed looks coming into play. As we progress throughout 2021, we will keep you updated with all our latest trends and how you can stay well dressed in life, work or from home.

Was this article helpful in showing you options on how to dress? Let us know in the comments. We would love to see your outfits on media, so don’t forget to tag us and #coretual.

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