About Coretual Clothing

About Us

Coretual Clothing was founded by our mission to provide a premium clothing product for the everyday man. We want to make beautiful, everyday clothing items for men that form the foundation of their luxury wardrobe.

We have a fine taste for premium products in the fashion industry, but we wanted to offer an affordable solution for premium products. With this in mind, we value each and every hand that goes through the production of manufacturing a quality piece of clothing for you. We are entirely Australian owned and are proud to have the majority of the products we have available completely made in Australia. Providing you with the peace of mind that your products are sourced and made locally, ethically, and sustainably.

We offer a timeless design, without compromising on the quality of your garments. We create clothing using natural, organic and sustainable materials where we can. Offering the basics in a premium offering with a high quality is what we are trying to achieve, where an item will be used in your wardrobe constantly and never goes out of fashion. Thanks to our high quality manufacturing, we ensure that your garments will not only be durable for years to come, but last just as long tastefully. This means you get better value for money and together we can reduce our carbon footprint and improve sustainable business practices.

The name, Coretual Clothing, comes from our vision to lead the industry in sustainable, locally sourced fashion. During our thought process we agreed that our base ethic for the brand is the word, ‘core’. We offer a core piece of clothing that is a staple in the men’s wardrobe. The other item we try to pass to our customers is the word ‘perpetual’, to create the thought of re-using wardrobe items over the span of your life as things that go out of fashion might come back around in a season or two. The combination of these two words birthed the name Coretual Clothing.

Your wardrobe is your unspoken vocabulary. Ensure you have the basics and then a touch of something unique to get you through all occasions in life.